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2021 in Review

This has been an absolutely WILD year. And with the passing of Betty White earlier today, I’m more than ready for it to be over. When the year started, I had no idea where it would end up. I had recently shelved the WIP I’d been working on for the last six months of 2020… Continue Reading →

Writing Wednesday: First Person Present Tense

Welcome back to another Writing Wednesday! This week I’m talking about writing in first person present tense because several people on Twitter (as well as almost all of my betas) have said some iteration of the following to me: I hate reading first person present, but I kept forgetting that’s what your book was written… Continue Reading →

It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?

Happy November, everyone! It’s Monday, so that means it’s time for IMWAYR hosted by Kathryn at The Book Date. It’s a good thing that I read about a zillion books in the last year because that means I’ll have loads of reviews to do even if I never get out of this reading slump I’m… Continue Reading →

Author Interview: Elana McDougall

As promised, today marks the first of many author interviews to come. And I’m delighted to say that today’s interview is with the lovely Elana McDougall, author of the Eldritch of Hallows series–the first two of which I reviewed yesterday. I asked Elana a series of questions about her, her books, her advice to writers,… Continue Reading →

Writing Wednesday: On Voice

Somehow it’s Wednesday already, so it’s time for another Writing Wednesday post. One of the things betas and readers have mentioned to me over and over again about The Orchid and the Lion is Dorian’s voice. It jumps off the page and really fits the character as a whole. And I’ve been told that many… Continue Reading →

Top Ten Tuesday: Halloween Freebie

Happy Tuesday! It’s time for another top ten list hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. This week’s Top Ten Tuesday topic is a Halloween freebie. Top Ten Spooky Reads I’m Looking Forward To Reading: 1) Silver in the Wood by Emily Tesh: There is a Wild Man who lives in the deep quiet of Greenhollow,… Continue Reading →

It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?

Good morning! It’s Monday, which means it’s time for my weekly check in courtesy of “It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?,” hosted by Kathryn from The Book Date. First off, some updates about me and my book, The Orchid and the Lion. As I’m writing this on Sunday night, the book has sold 30 copies!… Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Fifth Gender

I’m a sucker for a monster fucker story. Maybe it stems from growing up on Disney’s Beauty and the Beast or maybe it has to do with a theory I saw recently about how queer people are more likely to be attracted to the monstrous because we’ve learned to love and accept what people see… Continue Reading →


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